At Concept Gates we have a wide range of decorative screens available. Have a look at some of our designs that are readymade or if you like to be unique and want your own design please contact us to see what our team can do for you.

Our decorative panels are made from three diffrent materials steel, aluminium and aluminium composite. They are all used for different purposes.The Aluminium is generally used for driveway gates, garden gates or just for decorational purposes for pergolas and decks or for home, office walls. Aluminium composite is only used for decorative purposes only, as it only has 2 very thin layers of aluminium and composite in the center makes it not as durable as steel or 5mm aluminium sheeting. Steel decorative panels are more for robust and scurity purpose screening for commercial driveway gates and fencing. If your not sure which is best for your application pick your design and contact us to see what is best.


We service all areas Sydney
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We are a full onsite service centre and can provide quotations for service work, custom made projects and offer a full installation service.

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